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Maia Walczak



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60cm x 60cm
Acrylic and coloured pencil on reclaimed wooden panel.⁣
Cornwall, 2020.
Original artwork by Maia Walczak.

LUNASEA is my first ever ode to cold water wild swimming. If you’ve ever done it/do it, I know you know the feeling. A sense of freedom. A form of therapy. A healthy sense of lunacy. It may sound airy fairy but bloody hell, what moments of connection. You, the sea/river/lake, and the sky. And sometimes a buddy. It’s hard to think about the usual bs that occupies your mind when you’re immersed in cold water... generally speaking you’re more likely to be found laughing or gasping, or just feeling mildly otherworldly holding your breath and opening your eyes underwater... or with all the world’s sounds muffled as you float looking up at nothing but an open sky.⁣⁣

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